Recently I received the Particle Photon and developed a WordClock with the help of a WS2812B LED Strip.

The LEDs are cutted and arranged in a way described in the article. The front plate and the inner grid are laser cutted by and inserted in a 23x23cm RIBBA Frame of Ikea. Between the front plate and the inner grid is a white piece of paper to diffuse the light of the LEDs. The LEDs are glued to a Hartschaumplatte and connected to the Particle Photon. For adaptive lightning there is a LDR resistor attached.

The source code and the laser cutting template is available on Github.


  • RIBBA 23x23cm frame
  • Particle Spark/Photon
  • WS2812B LED strip, 60 LEDs per meter, min. 97 LEDs
  • laser cutted front plate and inner grid (e.g. formulor/ponoko)
  • LDR
  • 10k resistor