While reading about dangerous USB power supplies I decided to investigate the safety of the power supplies used by my wordclocks. I stumbled across the USB power supply tests of HJK and discovered a similiar power supply to the one I am currently using (ETA-U90EWE) which is according to the test result not that secure.

HJK saw a passed safety test for the Flypower PS10A050K2000EU so I decided to buy these. Unfortunately the reseller sent me the follow-up product: the Flypower PS10E050K2000EU. To make sure the new model also passed a safety test I contacted Flypower and they showed me the CE and GS safety test results. So I can confirm this follow-up model is also secure to operate.
They also showed me the CE and GS safety results for the next generation Flypower PS10J which should be also secure.

I disassembled the power supplies to make sure the short voltage distance is big enough. You can see the big distance on the Flypower PS10E (left) and a very bad distance on the ETA-U90EWE (right) on the images below.