My latest project is a photobooth which is operated by a Raspberry Pi Zero and the Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

The photobooth is in a wooden case with a photo printer, a HDMI display, some buttons and WS2801 LEDs which are used as flash.
You can find the code for the photobooth on github.



The used materials are:

  • Raspberry Pi (e.g. Zero)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera module
  • HDMI screen
  • Canon Selphy photo printer
  • Big huge red button
  • 3 Aracade buttons
  • 3 green LEDs
  • 14 WS2801 LEDs strip
  • 5V relay to trigger the power of the printer
  • wooden case


For the case the following 8mm wood plates are used:

  • 2x 266x300mm (front and back)
  • 2x 266x166mm (top and bottom)
  • 2x 200x300mm (left and right)


Add the following to your config.txt (see

hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0


Activate picamera in raspi-config: sudo raspi-config

WS2801 LEDs

Printer Installation

  • Install cups
  • Add Canon Selphy printer to cups (https://localhost:631)


All the neccessary parameters are configured in

When starting the python script the intro screen is visible. You can select whether you want to make a single or a multi shot with the corresponding arcade buttons.
With a press on the big red button an picture is captured. After the capturing process the images are combined with an optional label image.
Afterwards you see a preview of the picture which can be printed with the corresponding arcade button.
When pressing the big red button you can capture the next picture.


This photobooth is inspired by,,,

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