change to new_page

let mytable = new JSTable('#table');


search for query

let mytable = new JSTable('#table');"Denmark");

You could update the search input by addressing the CSS selector defined in the config:

let searchfield = document.querySelector('.dt-input');
// or alternatively:
// let searchfield = document.querySelector('.'+table.config.classes.input);
searchfield.value = 'Denmark';

sort(column, direction, initial = false)

column: Index of column to sort
direction: Sorting direction, either asc or desc
initial: is this the initial sorting

change the sorting of the table

let mytable = new JSTable('#table');
myTable.sort(0, 'asc');

Change elements per page

To change the elements per page, you need to modify the select element and update the table:

let select = document.querySelector('.dt-selector');
// or alternatively:
// let select = document.querySelector('.'+table.config.classes.selector);
select.value = 10;