I always try to improve my web application to track different parts of my life. In the meantime the following features are currently available:


  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Application passwords for API calls
  • individual mobile favorites
  • Progressive Web App with Push Notifications and offline support
  • email notifications


  • Frontpage with widgets for different modules
  • Possibility to individualize the frontpage with selected modules

Location History

  • Manual add locations
  • Automatic locations with API
  • Store location information on finance entries, car refuel entries
  • Possibility to show clusters and filter by date
  • Store and show steps


  • Store income/expenses
  • Create categories
  • Automatically assign categories to new finance entries by name/value
  • Automatically create recurring finance entries
  • Manage paymethods
  • Manage monthly finance budget
  • Various statistics (including monthly report)
  • Manage finance accounts and map paymethods to accounts
  • Automatically create transactions on accounts based on paymethods


  • Manage refuel and service
  • Calculate fuel consumption
  • Manage service life and km/year


  • Kanban like boards with stacks and cards, labels,..


  • Automatically create lists by API calls
  • Individual column profiles per crawler
  • Filter and search datasets
  • Star entries

Splitted Bills

  • Manage finances in groups
  • Support for foreign currencies
  • Support to make settle up entries
  • Automatically create recurring splitted bills


  • Manage trip planning
  • Add events, driving, bookings,..
  • Route planing


  • Manage projectspecific start/end times
  • Differentiate between project- and day-based times
  • Fast creation of times
  • Assign timesheets to categories
  • Assign a budget to categories
  • Export to Excel/Word
  • Support for client side encrypted notices with individual fields


  • Manage exercises
  • Manage workouts planing
  • Create training sessions
  • Various statistics


  • Manage recipes with ingredients
  • Add recipes to cookbooks
  • Manage mealplans
  • Create shoppinglists and add items to shoppinglist