Kanban project management boards

Inspired by trello and the open source alternative wekan I added some functionallity to support kanban-like boards in my life-tracking application.
I got also some inspiration by the deck plugin of nextcloud and github project boards.

Whith the boards module users can create boards and add other users to the board. In the board view it is possible to create different stacks and add cards to the stacks.
Users can add labels with colors to the board. Users, labels, due dates and descriptions can be assigned to cards.
The description can contain simple markdown which is rendered with simpleMDE.

Users can subscribe to daily reminder mails for due cards.

Life Tracking Dashboard

A long time ago I started to log my daily expenses and incomes in a Google Calc Sheet. Additionally I logged my cars fuel consumption in another sheet. To automate the process my Android App is able to communicate with my Raspberry Pi where a Python script insert the neccessarry data into the Sheet.

For better statistics and less dependency to Google I developed a small Life-Tracking dashboard where I can log my expenses, income and my cars fuel consumption. Additionally I created an endpoint to log my location with tasker.

You can find the project over on github.