Huawei Moving Picture / Momente Video Extraction

Huawei included a “Moving Picture” (german: “Momente”) feature like Apple has the “Live Photo” feature. This feature enables you to take pictures including a small video.

In contrast to Apples Live Photos the video is not saved on the device separately. The video is rather included in the image file behind the image. So I wrote a small python script to extract this video from the image.

The script can be found on github:


Extra tip:
The python script of jpbarrace is capable of extracting the EDOF and the unprocessed images  of pictures captured in the “wide aperture mode” (german: “Große Blende”)

Kanban project management boards

Inspired by trello and the open source alternative wekan I added some functionallity to support kanban-like boards in my life-tracking application.
I got also some inspiration by the deck plugin of nextcloud and github project boards.

Whith the boards module users can create boards and add other users to the board. In the board view it is possible to create different stacks and add cards to the stacks.
Users can add labels with colors to the board. Users, labels, due dates and descriptions can be assigned to cards.
The description can contain simple markdown which is rendered with simpleMDE.

Users can subscribe to daily reminder mails for due cards.


My latest project is a photobooth which is operated by a Raspberry Pi Zero and the Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

The photobooth is in a wooden case with a photo printer, a HDMI display, some buttons and WS2801 LEDs which are used as flash.
You can find the code for the photobooth on github.



The used materials are:

  • Raspberry Pi (e.g. Zero)
  • Raspberry Pi Camera module
  • HDMI screen
  • Canon Selphy photo printer
  • Big huge red button
  • 3 Aracade buttons
  • 3 green LEDs
  • 14 WS2801 LEDs strip
  • 5V relay to trigger the power of the printer
  • wooden case


For the case the following 8mm wood plates are used:

  • 2x 266x300mm (front and back)
  • 2x 266x166mm (top and bottom)
  • 2x 200x300mm (left and right)


Add the following to your config.txt (see

hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0


Activate picamera in raspi-config: sudo raspi-config

WS2801 LEDs

Printer Installation

  • Install cups
  • Add Canon Selphy printer to cups (https://localhost:631)


All the neccessary parameters are configured in

When starting the python script the intro screen is visible. You can select whether you want to make a single or a multi shot with the corresponding arcade buttons.
With a press on the big red button an picture is captured. After the capturing process the images are combined with an optional label image.
Afterwards you see a preview of the picture which can be printed with the corresponding arcade button.
When pressing the big red button you can capture the next picture.


This photobooth is inspired by,,,