WS2801 LEDs (SPI) no longer working with Raspbian strech

I’ve used some WS2801 LEDs for notification on my Magicmirror build. Unfortunately with the update to Raspbian stretch they were no longer working with the MMM-Pilights module which used the rpi-ws2801 node module.

I was able to find the reason for the no longer working SPI LEDs in the raspberry pi forum where bulletmark was facing the same problem. With the change of the default SPI frequency in the raspberry pi kernel the rpi-ws2801 package is using the wrong frequency for SPI.

I was able to modify the node rpi-ws2801 module and set the default frequency for the WS2801 LEDs to 10MHz. The result is in my fork of the node module:

Life Tracking Dashboard

A long time ago I started to log my daily expenses and incomes in a Google Calc Sheet. Additionally I logged my cars fuel consumption in another sheet. To automate the process my Android App is able to communicate with my Raspberry Pi where a Python script insert the neccessarry data into the Sheet.

For better statistics and less dependency to Google I developed a small Life-Tracking dashboard where I can log my expenses, income and my cars fuel consumption. Additionally I created an endpoint to log my location with tasker.

You can find the project over on github.